Arsenal Performing Arts (APA) was founded in the Spring of 2016 with the goal of enriching the performing arts in New Mexico and the surrounding states through alternative, supplemental programming. At a time when both performing arts and athletic programs in schools were being subject to budget cuts, the founders of Arsenal realized the potential of the marching arts to not only provide the benefits of traditional performing troupes, but also that of team-based sports. As members of a marching ensemble, students work to not only improve their abilities as individual performers but also to develop their capacity to work in unison with other dedicated young people. This combination of artistry and athleticism is unique to the marching arts, and Arsenal aims to provide programs that are stimulating in a physical, mental, and emotional capacity and that seek to expand upon -rather than replace- the programs already in existence in the area.

Understanding the importance of slow, sustainable growth, the governing board of APA opted to use the Drum Corps International SoundSport® program as a means to develop the organization locally and organically before attempting more ambitious goals. As a SoundSport Team, Arsenal is unique in that we provide an experience similar to that of Open Class corps, housing and feeding members during training camps, embarking on an out-of-state tour, and accepting members not only from New Mexico, but from surrounding States as well. Currently, APA plans to operate the Drum and Bugle Corps as a SoundSport team for a minimum of two years before making the push to Open Class.

Our hope for the future is the continuous growth of Arsenal Drum and Bugle Corps and the addition of other programs as well to not only increase the areas of instruction, but also to make them available to as many students as possible.

For more information about the Drum Corps activity, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.