Announcing our 2019 Design Team

Arsenal Drum and Bugle Corps is pleased to present our 2019 Design Staff.

Following a successful season as caption head of Arsenal’s inaugural color guard, Edwin Parker-McConnell will be returning for 2019 with the expanded role of program coordinator.

Joining Arsenal’s design team for 2019 is Key Poulan, brass arranger for the Mandarin’s finalist program Life Rite After. Key will be joining Arsenal as music coordinator and brass arranger, and will directly oversee the creation of Arsenal’s music program.

Will Kramer will return for his third year as percussion arranger and will be overseeing Arsenal’s battery and front ensemble as percussion caption head. Additionally, Will will also be stepping into the role of staff coordinator, working with the instructional staff to develop rehearsal strategies and oversee the enforcement of student health and safety policies.

Originally from Albuquerque, Jeff Lee will be joining Arsenal as our Audio System Designer. Jeff is a former front ensemble arranger and instructor for the Blue Devils and is currently the Music Director for Mason Entertainment Group and one of the original creative members of the Broadway show “Blast!”, “Shockwave”, “CyberJam”, “M.I.X.”, and “Blast: the Music of Disney”. In addition to audio design, Jeff will also serve as a front ensemble and sound consultant.

Chris Johnston and Andrew Gaskill will be returning for their second season as Arsenal’s visual team. In addition to writing Arsenal’s drill, they will collaborate with Edwin Parker-McConnell to create Arsenal’s visual package, including costuming, staging, and props.

This team has been assembled to reflect Arsenal Performing Arts’ everlasting pursuit of greater heights, both in terms of membership experience and program quality. As we prepare to undergo Open Class evaluation for the 2019 Summer Tour, this team has been tasked with bridging the gap between the smaller SoundSport productions that Arsenal has performed previously with the significantly larger field shows performed by Open Class Corps. In striving to become the first ever DCI sanctioned Corps from New Mexico we desire to create an organization that not only elicits pride from our students and staff, but from the entire state of New Mexico.

More detailed bios can be found on our staff page.

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