Arsenal Performing Arts Announces Annual Fund

Looking Forward

As we set our sights on Open Class for 2019 we must remember how important the coming season is going to be for this young drum corps. In 2018, Arsenal will be the laying the groundwork for our future and there’s a lot that has to happen between now and our Open Class debut. By launching this annual fund, we invite you to help us lay that foundation.

The 2018 season already promises to be even more rewarding than our first season this past summer. We’re looking to double the size the corps, add two new sections, and add even more performance opportunities for our members. Doing this, however, is going to require a sizeable investment. For 2018 alone we are looking at purchasing close to $30,000 in new equipment, including five front ensemble keyboards and four new marching euphoniums. To transport this new equipment we’re going to need to invest close to $10,000 to purchase the necessary vehicles. It’s also worth mentioning that doubling the size of the corps also doubles the number of mouths we have to feed on tour, and so we’re going to be purchasing a small trailer and converting it into a mobile kitchen.

The Bombardier’s Club

Just as the Bombardier on a bomber is responsible for hitting his target, we look to the members of our Bombardier’s Club to help us hit ours; in total, we are looking to invest close to $50,000 this season alone to ensure that our members have the best possible experience. Not only will this equipment serve the corps this coming season, but it will also be instrumental in giving us the room we need to grow as we make the transition to Open. By donating to the Bombardier’s Club you are making an investment in the future of this corps, an investment that will continue to serve our students as we move into Open Class and beyond.

Help us hit our target by donating here.