Aces Tattoo and the New Vision for Community Partners

Today, we are pleased to announce a community partnership with Aces Tattoo! While a partnership with a tattoo parlor may seem unusual for a music education organization, this partnership represents the first step in our new vision for community partners.

Currently, Arsenal has two categories of partners: Strategic Partners and Community Partners. Strategic Partners are large organizations that we partner with to ensure that our students have access to quality musical instruments, color guard equipment, and other supplies necessary for our programs. Throughout the marching arts, this form of partnership is the most common.

So, what then is a Community Partner?

Up until now, Arsenal Community Partners have simply been local businesses that have shown tremendous support for our organization. Amore Neapolitan Pizzeria regularly donates, hosts events, and has catered for Arsenal. Baum’s Music has also made significant donations, but even more importantly has helped us coordinate large shipments of musical instruments and other equipment. In this sense, however, Baum’s and Amore, like our strategic partners, have both provided support to Arsenal Inc rather than directly to our student members. Moving forward, we’re changing our definition of community partners, shifting their role from providing benefits to Arsenal proper towards providing benefits for our members directly.

To this end, our new vision for community partners is as follows:

We seek to create a community of local businesses that provide direct benefits to Arsenal’s student members. These benefits may take many forms, but in all cases will be an intrinsic part of being a member of an Arsenal program.  In doing so we hope to foster the growth of our community, support local business, and pursue innovative new relationships that allow us to increase the benefits our members receive beyond those offered directly by our programs.

Our partnership with Aces is our first step towards realizing this vision.

For those unfamiliar with the marching arts, tattoos are not only commonplace but also an important part of the culture. It’s not uncommon for members to get tattoos celebrating their instrument, where they marched, a corps motto, or a memory of their experience. Our partnership with Aces, thus, while unusual, serves as an excellent realization of our community partnership vision. Arsenal, in this case, is able to recommend and promote a reputable establishment, and Aces in turn provides a significant discount to our members. Both organizations also work to promote and celebrate each other, providing exposure through new communications channels. Altogether, the partnership works to provide a benefit to Arsenal members, increase Aces’ business, increase Aces/Arsenal visibility, and foster the growth of our community.

Moving forward, we want to expand our network of community partners into a diverse range of service areas. In doing so, we aim to embed Arsenal as a member of the Albuquerque community. As we grow our network, we’ll be providing additional incentives for local students to join and allowing our out-of-state members to experience more of Albuquerque’s vibrant culture. Looking to the future, we’d love to have partnerships with other programs to foster off-season athletics, mentorship and volunteer opportunities, and creative expression. Arsenal is an organization dedicated to providing an amazing member experience; with Community Partners we aim to take that experience beyond the field.



Represent a business that might be interested in a Community Partnership, or have a suggestion of a business we should look in to? Send me an email at .