Brief History

In 2016, Arsenal Performing Arts took over the Duke City Drum-Off, a competition giving local programs the chance to show off the percussion section of their marching bands and win prizes for their home programs. Although the event previously had taken multiple forms, including a pseudo-WGI Indoor percussion format, Arsenal recognized the need to simplify the competition to make it not only more accessible for area schools, but also to make the event more community oriented. To that end, Arsenal adopted the Drum Corps International DrumLine Battle model, to great success. Arsenal hopes to continuously expand the Duke City Drum-Off to provide more opportunities for local programs and to create a community driven day of percussion centered around good sportsmanship and competition.

The Duke City Drum-Off was not held in 2017 due to unforeseen circumstances. Arsenal Performing Arts is currently reviewing the best way to proceed with regards to hosting the event again in 2018.

DrumLine Battle®

DrumLine Battle® is a program of Drum Corps International that directly pits two DrumLines against each other in direct competition in battles consisting of two round, with each round containing around two minutes of drumming. This drumming can be anything the line wants to play- cadences, show chunks, exercises- anything, provided it’s entertaining. DrumLine Battle is all about swagger and showmanship, and the audience, just as much as the judges, determines the victor, meaning that visuals, maneuvers, and one-upping the other line is just as important as technique and skill if you want to win.

If you’re interested, you can find the full rules for DrumLine Battle here: DrumLine Battle Rulebook