Arsenal Presents: Skyward

Our 2018 show tells a story- the story of using the tools you have to go beyond where you are now. On the field, you’ll see this theme played out by the corps as they work to build a flying machine to carry them to new heights. Off the field, you’ll see this theme describe Arsenal’s push towards growth as an organization as we aim to enter Open Class for the 2019 season.


A Call to Arms from “Glory” – James Horner
Theme from “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” – Edward Shearmur
Salvation is Created – Pavel Tchesnokov
Clock Tower Parade – Two Steps from Hell

In selecting the repertoire, we deliberately chose very thematic music, specifically music that we believe would help convey the emotions of the various movements.

At the start of the show, you’ll hear the trumpet call of A Call to Arms matched with a single snare, an homage to the military roots of drum corps. Our opener, the Theme to Sky Captain and the World Tomorrow starts the show off with a swashbuckling, adventurous tone, as the corps members come together to work on their ambitious project. The ballad, Salvation is Created vs. A Call to Arms explores the feeling of defeat after failure- the feeling that leads people to accept their circumstances and stay grounded. The closer is the zany and manic Clock Tower Parade by the group Two Steps from Hell. Two Steps from Hell is a cinematic music production company that specifically produces tracks for movie trailers- their music is unique in that while you might not recognize specific melodies, it has a universal thematic style that will pull you in and get you excited. We’ve taken Clock Tower and smashed it together with all of the other themes from our show, resulting in a driving closer that embodies hurtling down the runway, destined for either a crash or the azure skies above.

Arsenal is proud to be competing in Drum Corps International’s SoundSport® Division for the 2018 season and will be performing in Drums Across the Desert (Mesa, AZ), DCI North Texas (Denton, TX) the DCI Southwestern Championships (San Antonio, TX).

Color guard auditions will take place April 27-29. Register to audition here.

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