Arsenal Performing Arts Partners with Wessex Tubas

Arsenal Performing Arts is happy to announce a new partnership with Wessex Tubas. Following a successful competitive season using Wessex brass instruments, Arsenal reached out with regards to the possibility of becoming a Wessex Artiste. With both parties agreeing that such a relationship would be mutually beneficial an agreement was reached, making Arsenal the first Wessex exclusive Drum and Bugle Corps.

“We are extremely happy to be working with Wessex. When we were just getting off the ground they worked with us to help us purchase a full set of corps horns which enabled us to get a uniformity in sound and appearance that was completely out of reach using borrowed or personal instruments. We had a great run in San Antonio, and we greatly attribute that to our Wessex horns.”

– J. Spenser Lotz, Executive Director of Arsenal Performing Arts

Beyond continuing to use Wessex instruments into 2018 and beyond, another significant part of the agreement is that Arsenal musicians will not only provide feedback to help improve existing Wessex designs, but also field test new marching brass prototypes before they go into production. Beth Nielsen, Arsenal’s 2017 Horn Sergeant, said she was very excited that Arsenal was going to be field testing new Wessex marching brass because “…it puts the instrument construction in the hands of people who will be using them, and have experience with playing and marching, helping to further refine instruments that are already extremely specialized.” Nielsen also thanked Wessex for working with Arsenal saying “Having access to Wessex instruments has taken Arsenal one step further toward creating an independent organization capable of providing students with important, quality musical education.”

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Arsenal Performing Arts partners with Wessex Tubas