Arsenal Performing Arts Inc (“APA”) requires all directors, volunteers, employees and student members to act ethically, practice honesty and integrity, and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and ordinances.

While APA hopes that all who come into contact with APA through our affiliate programs feel unhindered and unthreatened in raising concerns, complaints, and issues with APA we understand the importance of providing a mechanism for the anonymous, and confidential reporting of abuse and other concerns. This mechanism helps to ensure the protection of the mental and physical health of our students, volunteers, employees, and all others participating in Arsenal programs and enables us to have the full opportunity to investigate and address any potential violations of policy, law, or ordinance in the conduct of Arsenal activities.

All submissions are anonymous & confidential. You do not need to include your name or contact information.
However, if you would like a direct response, please do include your contact information or email directly.

Whistleblower Reporting Form